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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, collaboration
The Victoria & Albert Museum, Digital Futures
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London-based, American artist Gretchen (Andrus) Andrew started painting in San Francisco after becoming convinced that the internet can teach you anything. Her application of cutting edge technologies to traditional oil painting includes her uncertified, youtube-based education. Gretchen was selected to be part of Google’s “Glass Explorer Program” based on her interest in using the hands-free-wearable technology to share her artistic process. Films recorded through wearable technology link the moment of her painting’s inspiration with their creation in the studio. Her work and research explore how sharing and structuring data impact the viewer’s relationship with and ability to make meaning from her paintings.

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London artist hacks Google Glass to share artistic process

London artist hacks Google Glass to share artistic process Public Exhibition includes paintings and films made with Google Glass From... read more

28.08.2014 • By Gretchen Andrew, Artist